Freight Management Software identifies businesses needs through a consultative approach.

We discussing ways in which your current processes are/aren’t working and how we can assist in providing the best solution possible by using our FMS to achieve higher business efficiency, streamlining processes to save money, increase productivity, provide higher customer service and compliance levels and accurate account reconciliation.

Freight Management Software’s latest FMS is designed for quick operating, running on a LAN or wide area network. Technology advances allow business to leave a small memory footprint and reduced network traffic, with very little maintenance required.


Out new thin client technology, allows our FMS Dispatcher System to run multiple warehouses off the same server achieved without expensive license fees for terminal services or citrix, saving you money.



•   Easy to use multi-carrier system

•   Electronic data transfer to your carriers with no charges

•   Account reconciliation from your carrier’s spreadsheet

•   Freight selector, displays all carriers that have rates to the destination allowing selection of the cheapest carrier

•   Carrier rate maintenance, allows easy control of your carriers rates including forwarded dates

•   Full query by example reports and data export

•   Carrier quotes comparison; allows carrier quotes to be compared against historical data to see if you would save or lose money by using the carrier

•   Able to use any free carrier thermal label stock or standard thermal labels available from your stockist

•   Capability to export all reports to word documents, CVS, excel or to be printed

•   Data can also be emailed or sent by ftp to another location



•   Take control of your transport costs

•   Quick account reconciliation, 500 consignments less than 30 seconds, identifies invalid consignment notes and charges

•   Greater warehouse efficiencies and cost savings, in most cases reduces staffing levels

•   Import pre-prepared CSV files containing dispatch information to be automatically processed and printed

•   Interface to your ERP or WMS systems to fully automate the dispatch process                                                                        

•   Take advantage of free thermal labels supplied by some carriers

•   Freight Management Software offers premium service, with a 24 hour support line for assistance


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