Freight Management Software creates and implements customised and integrated freight management software systems, providing businesses with information and support to control all aspects of their freight and transportation through a centralised Multi Carrier Dispatch Software System.


This has the benefit of allowing companies to have complete control over their freight activities, which has been proven to save thousands of man hours and millions of dollars in cost savings to clients.

Many of our clients report that they fully pay for the cost of the system within 2 to 3 months of use through the cost savings and time efficiencies gained from utilising the software.  In fact one of our larger customers reported that the software saved them its entire cost of installation within one week of install!


We work with Businesses and Freight Brokers who what want to increase profits, productivity and processes efficiencies within their warehouse operations and freight management. If your business has a warehouse operation or multiple warehouse operations with the dispatching and receiving of freight, we can help you!


Our Software Systems are specifically designed to increase efficiencies and savings for businesses by providing a private platform from which to engage transport carrier companies.  It’s your money and your freight. Manage it according to your policies and procedures, rather than those of your freight companies.


The Systems allow you to create and follow your own policies and procedures to increase productivity and save incremental freight costs. One feature of the FMS Dispatcher is the automated 'Multi Carrier Freight Selector', illuminating time wastage of warehouse staff searching through several carrier systems for the lowest carrier cost, by displaying all your selected Freight Carriers costs within one central system, highlighting the lowest cost assisting warehouse staff select the appropriate carrier



View main FMS Dispatcher features below.




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1.  MULTI CARRIER FREIGHT SELECTOR                                             Highlightis the lowest carrier cost to assist your warehouse

                                                                      staff and allows you to select amoungst your carriers




2.  TRACK AND TRACE                                                                              Keep your clients and yourselves informed through our  

                                                                                                                          Track & Trace features which automatically links into the

                                                                                                                          carriers dispatch system for accurate updates.



3.   GROUPED & CUSTOM REPORTING                                                  Easy access to monthly data visualisations / cost centres /     

                                                                                                                          client activity & cost/ freight costs as a percentage of sale &




4.  CARRIER INVOICE RECONCILIATION                                              Reconcile your monthly freight costs in minutes, rather than 

                                                                                                                           hours. Easily compare invoices to your freight data history

                                                                                                                           for charge comparisons.



5.   FREIGHT ESTIMATOR                                                                         Give your clients, and your sales team, confidence about 

                                                                                                                           Shipping costs for your products. Price Potential orders.

                                                                                                                           Alowing sales, marketing and customer service staff to cost




6.  ADVANCE SHIPPING NOTICE                                                            Your clients will love the Automated emails that get sent to 

                                                                                                                          them when their goods are dispatched, which includes

                                                                                                                          carriers track & tract url.




7.  UP STREAMING                                                                                    Improve your supply chain efficiency through the ability to 

                                                                                                                         install freight management upstream in your suppliers

                                                                                                                         warehouses for sending carrier data and printing labels for

                                                                                                                         import cross-docking at your carriers.


8.  INVOICE RECONCILIATION                                                               Links the payment of carrier invoices to DIFOT reports.    

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