Thin Client Technology - Exclusive to Freight Management Software

Thin Client Technology is exclusive to Freight Management Software (FMS).

Thin Client Technology allows software applications to be used remotely, allowing users access to programs via the Internet. The applications are stored on a server allowing access to application anywhere, anytime.


•  Thin Client is faster than Citrix without the complications

•  No on-going licence fees

•  I.T friendly  and no  I.T maintenance plan required

•  No complicated set up

•  You don't need a print server or print farm - a local printer on each PC is all that is required

•  No need for terminal services or a VPN log in

•  Reduces hardware and support costs

•  Consumes at least 50% less energy than fat client technology, thereby reducing carbon emissions



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Access software anywhere!

Monitor your transportation: Anytime, anywhere software access,  

manage employee productivity and costs

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