Experience: 35 years experience in the freight industry and transport IT development

Founder of Freight Management Software and developer of the FMS systems and solution products, Kel has utilised his vast experience in the freight industry to providing Australian businesses with a complete package that allows companies to independently control and manage their freight distribution.



Kel Skinner - Principle Owner



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Paul Campbell - Programmer/ Part Owner


Hattawa Nasradden - Office & Custopmer Service Manager 

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Susanne Barri - Administration, Accounts & Support Manager


Nicole Woods - Special Projects Manager


Brittiny-Jane Harmer - Customer Service & Support

Experience: 20 years warehousing & Operations, 15 years Programming

Paul has been with FMS for 14 years starting in sales to understand the customer’s needs and has now become an interregnal part of the FMS system being very hands on with the programming of the software, maintaining the day to day operations, upgrades and keeping the system up to date with market trends.


Best Factor about working for Freight Management Software:

"So impressed with the FMS product I bought shares in the company".



Experience: Administration, Sales & Marketing - Certificate in Small Business Management

As the FMS Office & Customer Service Manager since 2007 Hattawa is the lynchpin of the FMS office, and the glue that binds everyone together. With Hattawas’ vast experience with the FMS products she is the preferred person the team and customers approach when requiring assistance. Hattawa is a great all-rounder and an expert multi-tasker.


Best Factor about working for Freight Management Software:

"Working in a nurturing and supporting environment assists us to reflect this positivity to the customers and provide excellent service".

Experience: :  3 years in Retail Customer Service

Since 2009 Susanne has managed the Accounts department, ensuring appropriate general administrative support to the Office Manager, staff team and supplying customer support. Susanne is FMS’s friendly point of contact in both accounts receivable and payable and also shows diversity in her role by providing Customer support with all the FMS products.


Best Factor about working for Freight Management Software:

"Having a good office team to work with assisting us to help each other and our customers".

Experience: :  Customer service, help desk support, software demonstration, networking, company partnerships, client liaison and account managing.

From 2009 Nicole has assisted FMS in nurturing special projects, maintaining current clients, installing upgrades & working closely with management to grow the business overseas.


Best Factor about working for Freight Management Software:

"The FMS team environment and working with products that are continuously being developed with new features to ensure we can provide our customers the best possible solution and service".


Experience: Customer Service & Support

Brittny Harmer comes to FMS with experience in Customer Service & Support and maintains the service and assistance to our valued FMS customers. Brittny is the first point of contact in our organisation and handles enquiries, and provides support to ensure the high level of service FMS prides itself on.


Best Factor about working for Freight Management Software:

"Getting satisfaction in keeping the customers happy with the FMS products".

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