The Freight Management Software System is designed for quick operation, using LAN or wide area network. The latest (FMS) is written with the latest advanced technology, leaving only a small memory footprint and reduced network traffic, in turn only minimal maintenance is required.


FMS Dispatcher can have multiple warehouses running on the same server. Using our new thin client technology, this can be achieved without expensive license fees for terminal services or citrix, saving your businesses additional costs.



1. Freight Selector - Always send with the most economical carrier for each consignment using our freight selector to compare your existing carrier rates in your system. Watch our demonstration to see how easy and effective this feature is at minimising your freight costs. Click here to see it now.


2. Query by Example Report - Ability to create customised reports with Query by Example (QBE). Once you have built your report it can be saved in various formats including csv or sent via email or ftp to another location. Click here to watch an example of how easy it is. Click Here to View Demo


3. Rate Maintenance - Control your own carrier rates. Carrier rate increases by a fixed amount or a percentage can be easily post dated. You can also import new carrier rates from a template generated from FMS Dispatcher customised with the carrier zone already defined. Click here to see how.


4. WAN - Multiple warehouses can be linked with Terminal Services, Citrix or running our own thin client software directly, this allows a National Logistic Manager to have full visibility over  all freight movement no matter where they are dispatched from.


5. Account Reconciliation - If you are like most users and only run your eyes through a carriers account and look for consignments that stand out, you would be surprised how much time and the amount of pricing errors can be identified by using our software (one of our major clients regularly saves $5000 per month) Call us on 1300 723 624 for a no obligation online demonstration.  Click Here to View Demo


6. Proposed Carrier Rate Analysis - Compare a potential new carrier against your existing carriers actual historical charges, create a template for your proposed carrier to fill with their rates, the template is then imported and prices generated for all consignments within the selected date range, the savings or costs will be displayed, this will give you an accurate picture of the implication of using this carrier.


7. Shipping Notice - An email can be created to your customers if you add their email address to notify what orders have been dispatched to them, and include consignment note information, and which carrier has been used.


8. Compatibility - FMS Dispatcher is compatible with all carriers label and file formats with the ability to change and manifest each carrier quickly.


9. Support - Managed by remote log in and we do not use a ticket system as each call is dealt with immediately by the support person who answers the call. After hours the phone is diverted to a technician so we can provide 24 hr support to our clients.


10. Inclusions - Our software is not modular, all features plus many more are included in our standard software.





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